About me

Hello and welcome to my blog.

My name is Ludovic Perrichon and I am working as a Technical Lead on Power Platform. Power Platform has been a big turn in my career and now we can say that I am very passionnate about it.

I have created this blog because, during all my career so far, I was able to move forward with blogs like this one. So as I am discovering new things on this platform, it was logical for me to give back my experiences to the community.

Making a blog is great, but meeting each other is even better. That’s why I am trying to go as much as I can to conferences as an attendee or as a speaker. Especially with the aMS Community.

I have started my IT career in 2012 as a SharePoint Developper.

In 2015, I have moved to Paris, France to join Abalon.

Within SharePoint I got myself through multiple roles such as Developer, Project manager or Technical lead. In 2019, I have discovered the Power Platform, since then, I have decided to use my past experiences and my whole career to this technology.

I am also part of the Microsoft MVP Program.